Some Rose Gold Favorites

by - Monday, November 18, 2019

I am a huge sucker for rose gold, and I do have a few rose gold favorites sitting in my makeup collection...

This palette is a given: some of the shadows in the palette reflect on the rose gold theme, and I love the copper packaging as well as it almost looks rose gold. This palette is a true gemstone in my collection. 

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (shade Rose Gold)
I love shadow sticks for the sole reason that they are quick and easy to put on, and the Laura Mercier shadow stick in Rose Gold proves that. It's a pale rose gold so it's a neutral, but it's beautiful. 

I love the Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses for their intensity, and the shade Frosted is a beautiful bronzed rose gold that is one of my favorite eyeshadow shades to wear during autumn. 

I love all of the Charlotte Tilbury bullet lipsticks as their packaging is not only beautiful (as I said, I'm a sucker for rose gold), the formulas of the lipsticks are quite beautiful themselves. 

Butter London Nail Polish (shade I'm on the List)
This nail polish has long been discontinued, but it's one of my favorite nail polish shades as it's a beautiful true rose gold. 

Ted Baker fragrances (Polly, Mia
I love the way my two fragrances from Ted Baker smell (they're sweet, slightly fruity, and 100% girly), but their rose gold lids make them all the better. I have Polly, which essentially smells like candy, and Mia, which smells a bit more fruity. 

I recently bought a set of the Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes, and I immediately fell in love with them because they're soft (the only downside of the brushes being so soft is that it makes washing them a pain as you need to really scrub them to get any leftover product out), and they're very high quality. 

What are some of your rose gold favorites? 

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