The Blogging Mistakes I've Made

by - Friday, November 01, 2019

Everyone's made mistakes in blogging, but here are the prime mistakes I've made during my blogging adventure that I've been on for 4 years.

Not buying my own domain 
I didn't actually buy my own domain until 2 years after I started blogging, with the mindset being that I was probably going to quit blogging within a year or two. Here I am, 2 years after I thought that. I found that I got a lot more views after buying my own domain, and I wish I'd done it sooner.

Learning the damn basics of SEO
I don't think I'll ever understand what SEO is, but I know that I can always improve mine. I'm trying to get myself to add search descriptions to my posts as well as adding some labels on my posts.

Buying way too much makeup 
This was the thing that started to kill my bank account-buying makeup just to review it, and only touching it once or twice. Not only is it wasting my hard earned money and product, it's also a guilt tripper when you have to throw out expired products and see exactly how much you wasted on makeup you only wore once or twice. I am now on a no-buy while I try to pay off some stuff I owe.

Not promoting enough
I used to think that promoting on Instagram was enough, and using IFTTT to promote a blog post once on Twitter was enough. Nope. I've recently discovered RT accounts on Twitter and they are a godsend. I've never seen my views skyrocket so much, and I'm so glad I've decided using them.

What are some mistakes you made during blogging?

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