Winter Scents from Bath & Body Works

by - Friday, November 29, 2019

It's now time for the winter portion of my favorite Bath & Body Works scents and here they are...

Vanilla Bean Noel
Notes: Fresh vanilla bean, sugar cookies, whipped cream, sun-kissed musk
This scent smells like winter (actually, any scent with vanilla reminds me of winter), and the vanilla bean makes this all the cozier

Champagne Toast
Notes: Pink champagne, black currant chambord, sparkling nectarine, sugared musk
This scent is celebratory-mostly because of the champagne notes, but it's also fruity and it smells quite good.

In The Stars
Notes: Starflower, sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, white agarwood, radiant amber
This scent smells bright, a bit fruity, and mostly floral, which is unusual for a winter scent but with the packaging of this, it definitely smells like a pre-Christmas celebration.

Pink Mango Spritzer 
Notes: Iced pink mango, white cranberry, fresh pomegranate, fir balsam
This is yet another celebratory fragrance as it smells like winter drinks with friends.

Wrapped in Sugar
Notes: Sparkling mandarin, apple, coconut cosmo martini
This is a cozy scent as it's mostly sweet, but I do smell a hint of vanilla in the fragrance.

Cocktail Dress
Notes: Crisp pomegranate, osmanthus, sparkling mandarin, peony petals, lily of the valley, juicy pear, sleek amberwood, skin musk, sheer cedarwood
This smells exactly like a party in a bottle-like those little glittery dresses every girl wears around the holidays.

Winter White Jasmine
Notes: Jasmine, freesia, white amber, vanilla musk
This is an unusual scent for winter because it is floral, but it smells fresh and slightly floral

Fresh Sparkling Snow
Notes: Icy melon, holiday pear, falling snow
This smells like fruit from the melon and pear notes, and also reminds me of a snowy day.

Coconut Sugarcane
Notes: Iced coconut water, sparkling red berries, fresh minted lemon
This is yet another unusual scent for winter-given that coconut is a summer fruit-but the sparkling red berries in the fragrance give this a winter twist.

Coconut Mint Drop 
Notes: White coconut, iced peppermint, winter musk
This is definitely a winter scent-cooling, reminds me of the snow, and is refreshing.

Winter Berry Wonder
Notes: Red Frosted Winter Berry, sparkling cranberry, crystal vanilla
This scent is winter in a bottle-both the festive side with the sparkling cranberry, but also the cold winter side with the berry notes.

Be Joyful 
Notes: Fizzy clementine, frosted jasmine, shimmering sugar
This is years old but it always reminds me of Christmas when everyone's opening their presents and you're all celebrating.

Sparkling Winter Nights
Notes: Iced pear, sheer freesia, sugared coconut, sandalwood, white musk
Again, this is the smell of a fresh winter's day/night

Cocktail Dress
Smells the same as the body spray and has the same notes

Pink Confetti 
Notes: Red raspberry, juicy pear, crystal jasmine
This smells a lot like those winter parties that your friends all throw before the holidays.

Gingerbread Latte 
Notes: Santa's gingerbread, frosted pear, orange zest, whipped cream, brown sugar, vanilla latte, soft sandalwood, fluffy musk
This smells like gingerbread cookies or gingerbread houses-a lovely festive scent

Tutti Dolci White Mocha Kiss
Notes: Rich vanilla mocha, coconut orchid, marshmallow creme
This smells like how a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha tastes, essentially.

Twisted Peppermint
Notes: Cool peppermint, sugared snow, fresh balsam
This smells exactly like a candy cane-sweet but minty.

Champagne Toast
Has the same notes and scent as the body spray

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