10 Little Luxuries

by - Monday, December 09, 2019

There are a lot of things that people normally wouldn't consider little luxuries, but to me, they are since they are a treat for me, and here are 15 of them...

New candles
I'm slowly (or really fast depending on how you look at it) turning into a candle hoarder, and even though I've planned on using them for blog photos, they also can make my room smell really good, which is sometimes just what you need.

New homeware
I'm a sucker for little trinkets and things you can use for blog photo props, and I've been slowly adding to my blog photo prop collection (I'm also starting to spend my paychecks at work, how ironic), so I've been buying cute little cups and other things.

New bedding
There's nothing like a new set of bedding (is this an indicator I'm getting old?). I'm especially a sucker for cute little blankets because I'm one of those few people who get really cold at night.

New lingerie
This is still kind of a taboo topic, but I love buying new lingerie (especially during the Victoria's Secret sales) because everyone needs a set of underwear that makes them feel like them.

New games
If you guys didn't know, I'm a huge gamer and I love spending money on games (my poor wallet with me picking the two most expensive niches on the planet) because it'll be in my collection forever and I get to spend time with friends who have the game.

New makeup
Going back to my beauty blogger roots, new makeup is always a little luxury that I like, mostly because it's something I'll end up using. I'm currently on a low buy (only replacing stuff I absolutely need), but new makeup is always a plus.

New bodycare
I love getting new bodycare, especially when the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale hits because I can spend hundreds of dollars during that sale on stuff that I've wanted for a while but wanted to wait until it was on sale.

Christmas items
Even though I might sound like a total grinch, I secretly love the holidays and seeing winter/Christmas themed items.

Fall decor
I actually love fall decor and recently got into finding some little decorative pumpkins (because even though the real things look pretty, I can't ever find a way to eat them) and fake leaves (in order to prevent insects from invading the house).

Getting schoolwork done early
Getting schoolwork done early is what I always do so I don't have to panic about it, and it's a good feeling knowing you're ahead/on time.

What little luxuries do you enjoy? 

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