An Impromptu Bath & Body Works Haul

by - Friday, December 06, 2019

I recently got a lot of coupons in the mail for Bath & Body Works, so I decided to take a trip down there with my mom to see what new in stock they had and ended up doing a haul. Most of it is my stuff, but some of it is my mom's.

For myself, I got the Vanilla Snowflake single wick candle.

This is a mix of my mom's stuff and my stuff. We got a lot of body cream because my father struggles with dry itchy skin as a side effect of therapy for his cancer. We got Black Cherry Merlot, Winter Candy Apple, Twinkling Nights, the Peaceful Aromatherapy range, and Santa's Christmas Cookies.

We also got a Balance Aromatherapy body lotion, and be careful with this one as the bottle is actually ceramic.

The final two items are two Fine Fragrances-Into The Night and Winter Candy Apple both for me.

Have you stopped by Bath & Body Works lately?

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