Best Discoveries of 2019: Single Shadows

by - Friday, December 13, 2019

Following my best discoveries this year for eyeshadow palettes, I thought I'd do a quick post on the best eyeshadow singles I've discovered this year, mostly because I only have three eyeshadows lol.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Shadow Stick
I've heard about the Ombre Blackstar Shadow Sticks for a while, but then in 2017 they started to slowly die out, but not for me. I decided to pick them up myself earlier this year and I totally understand the hype: they are creamy, and they stay on all day (believe me I've tried this after working 10 hours in these babies). They're totally worth the credit card breaking $38 per piece.

Kiko Long Lasting Cream Shadow
These are the shadows that have essentially replaced the Kiko Cream Crush Shadows, and these are lovely-they do last all day and they are the best drugstore cream shadows I've ever tried.

Kiko Water Shadow
The unique thing about the Kiko Water Shadows is that you can use them wet for a more intense look, or you can use them as they are for a more subtle look. They feel differently too depending on what finish you pick-the metallic ones feel much more textured than the matte ones. I haven't tried any of these wet because I don't like an intense eye look (maybe for the holidays), but I love them dry. Sadly, the champagne colored one I bought has fallen out of its pan so I can't hold it upside down, but that doesn't change my love for these.

What are your favorite eyeshadow discoveries of this year?

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