My Top 20 Places I Want To Visit

by - Monday, December 30, 2019

I've always wanted to go traveling, and here are my definite top 20 places I want to visit. There are 10 international destinations and 10 domestic destinations in this post so this is gonna be a wild ride!

Japan-I admit it, I love anime and I'm a huge weeb, and I've been wanting to visit Japan since the age of 14-15 when I truly started to love anime. I also have a soft spot for anything Sanrio and I love some JRPGs such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. I would definitely love to go during April, which is when their cherry blossom season starts.

The Netherlands-Reading The Fault in Our Stars, having an ex-LDR who was Dutch, and actually following some Dutch Nerdfighters made me want to visit The Netherlands as a whole, and plus the cities there look beautiful!

Singapore-I was actually born here and sadly I haven't been back since I left the country at the tender age of 4, but I'm hoping to go back and visit since it's my father's homeland and the place I was born.

Australia-One of my very good internet friends lives in Australia, and I would love to head out to Australia to go meet her in person one day. I've been also itching to visit the bigger cities like Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne for a while.

Norway/Scandinavia-Skyrim is one of my absolute favorite games in the entire world, and I'd love to go visit Norway and Scandinavia. I'd love to go see Lapland so I can see the northern lights (although I know it will be very cold)

Bruges-I've read so many articles and watched so many videos on this quaint little Belgian city that I want to go now.

London-London is the blogger city, as so many bloggers and Youtubers live there, and I'd like to go experience the craziness for myself one day.

Paris-One of my goals is to take my mom to go see Paris, and I'd also love to try some real French macarons and food.

The Maldives-Even though I *hate* beaches with a passion, I can't help but love the Maldives because of its crystal clear waters and amazing sea life.

Canada-I live about a five hours' drive from the Canadian Border, but I'd still love to explore other parts of Canada, mostly because of its beautiful nature.

New York City-my internet sister and best friend lives in this city, and it's a little bit disconcerting how close we are, yet I can never find the time or money or mode of transportation to go visit her. I'm also loving New York for its little touristy bits and shopping of course.

LA-I'd love to go back to LA as I haven't been in 9 years, and I miss Universal Studios there as well as the Walk of Fame and basically everything about that city.

Seattle-Two of my friends live around the Seattle area, and I would love to explore a bit of the Pacific Northwest (plus the original Starbucks is there and I truly have developed a Starbucks addiction).

Hawaii-I've only been to one island in Hawaii and I would love to revisit the state and explore more of the islands. Plus, daily rainbows isn't too bad.

Alaska-Alaska has some of the most beautiful nature I've ever seen, and I'd really like a chance to practice more of my nature photography.

Austin-Home of Rooster Teeth and RTX, and it's also in my home state. It's also where one of my favorite games, The Last of Us, is set.

Maine-I've heard so many good things about Maine, especially how pretty it is in the autumn.

Boston-As a huge fan of Fallout 4 and general nerd, Boston is a place I'd love to go so I can check out the Freedom Trail and it's also where PAX East is held every year.

Washington DC-I've only been once on a school trip to the Holocaust Museum and I'd love to learn more about politics, although it seems like this isn't really a good time to go amidst all the political tension going about right now.

Philadelphia-I live a bloody hour away, and yet I've only been to the actual center of the city once with my IT program. I'd like to explore more of it to make a decision whether I should move away or stay on the East Coast.

What places would you love to visit?

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