New in Monthly Bits #1

by - Sunday, December 01, 2019

I recently got a lot of new in bits and pieces (by new in, I mean about a month old lol) from work thanks to an employee discount that was going on, so here are the bits I snagged...

These bits I got with a gift card I won, and I consider these part of my birthday presents to myself.

I did get a whopping five candles...

I got a Hello Kitty mug for my friend Tabi

I also got this cute little cat shaped brush holder (technically it can be used to hold hair tools and stuff like that but I use it to hold my face brushes)

I got another brush holder that was holographic pink, and I use this for tall lipglosses and my eye brushes.

Of course, me being me, I picked up one more candle.

I picked up a lot of stuff during the extra discount weekend-including two new backpacks, a storage crate, three new candles, and two new mugs. I also got several kitchen and facial towels for my mom.

I also got this cute cat backpack (although it was listed as a kids backpack...) 

My favorite thing of the whole haul has to be my Dune London backpack, which is an absolute beaut. 

I got about 4 20% coupons during the month and decided to use 2 of them. 

I bought a new water bottle since I unfortunately lost one of mine somewhere between work and school. 

I got a set of felt tip pens to use as blog props and also I want to see if bullet journaling really is for me. 

I bought two holiday gnomes because they're stupidly cute. 

I got my hands on a cardigan because unfortunately my favorite black one is starting to fall apart 

I got a jacket for work...

I got a new Betsey Johnson nag that has two front pockets and is roomy af...

I got a Nine West satchel bag as well...

 The second coupon was used for these two items.

I got a military style jacket for $20 as I was doing fitting room duties and a customer didn't want it so I grabbed it as soon as I saw it...

I also ended up grabbing a Steve Madden blush backpack. 

This whole month cost me roughly $300 but I'm happy I managed to snag these items. 

What new in bits have you gotten in recently? 

Once again I've done a bit of shopping and ended up with some bits and bobbles I don't need...

I bought some new combat boots from work, and they are the prettiest things that I ever bought. I'm not a fan of gold hardware, but I love the little lock design on the buckle.

Also got myself some new leggings because I can't wear skinny jeans anymore (I think they damaged the nerves in my right leg).

I also got myself a mini globe to use as a blog prop, star barettes to wear and use as blog props, and Essie's Angora Cardi as well.

The following week I picked up some bits, almost exclusively from work (minus the food)

I got a little Betsey Johnson purse 

I got a Burberry scarf dupe for $13 

I got a new pair of winter boots because mine just completely died. 

I got myself a new hoodie 

I also got myself a pair of sweatpants

Finally, I got myself a new pair of pajama pants.

What did you get yourself this month?

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