Why It's Good to Start Over With Your Blog

by - Friday, December 06, 2019

Every blogger has probably felt the frustration of running out of ideas and being so burnt out with their blog that  they just straight up abandon their blog and never come back to it. Seeing so many abandoned blogs makes my heart break a little because I'm sure that those bloggers didn't intend to abandon their blogs, but the pressure to make content while being unhappy with their blog got too much. However, there's something better than abandoning your blog, and that's starting completely over with your blog, whether it's making a completely new blog or giving a blog you already own a complete refresh with posts and a new look. That may sound scary to some, but it's actually a good thing to start over with your blog and here's why.

A new start
Starting over with your blog allows you a fresh start with your blog, which definitely can lead to more motivation to keep on blogging. Starting over can also offer new ideas for your blog, and it gives you an opportunity to create new content for your niche, or even to explore a new niche. Starting over with your blog also allows you to make amends for drama (if you've been unfortunately caught up in some), and having a shiny new blog means that you can tweak it to your heart's content.

Deleting old/embarrassing posts
This is the route I chose when I started over with my blog. I deleted any old posts and even though I never made any embarrassing posts, I ended up deleting 90% of my blog posts purely because I hated the way I wrote in the past: before I started over, most of my content was purely 10 minute reviews of a product that I had gotten, and I'm trying to kick the habit of always buying makeup that I don't need because I already have enough to last me two lifetimes. I had another start over back in September because I was doing makeup of the day posts, but realized that those posts barely took any effort besides listing out the products I used, so I stopped doing those. Now I write about mostly lifestyle, things from my collection, and I've been slowly adding to my candle and homeware/blog prop collection

You can create something you'll be proud of
The primary reason why I started over with my blog was because I wanted it to be something I was proud of. Before, I wasn't even happy with where I was in blogging. I was getting 30 views a day, and I thought the only way to increase that was to make more content. While that did work, I wasn't happy with the posts I was putting out and put a stop to that in 2018. I changed my blog again in 2019, this time with a new posting schedule. Now I'm much happier and I'm so proud of where my little online space has gone.

Have you started over with your blog?

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