10 Things Making Me Happy Currently

by - Monday, January 06, 2020

In a world that's constantly full of negativity, it can be kind of hard to find happiness, but here are 10 things that are currently making me happy

1. Seeing all the cute new things at work
My mantra has always been to never shop where I work, but my job has broken me and I've spent more than $300 with them already since being hired because new cute homeware bits and bags are always coming out.

2. Photography
Taking blog photos is really making me happy because it's fun to experiment with a lot of different styles and editing.

3. Filming Youtube videos
I haven't had time to film a video in a while, mostly due to awkwardness when my parents are home and because it was the holiday season at work so I've been swamped with work in addition to my school work, but this year, I'll definitely try to make more videos.

4. Candles
I love seeing all the candles at work (it's taken me my willpower not to buy every dang candle in the store), but I love the cozy vibe they give off and I particularly love winter candles as most have that cinnamon smell I love.

5. Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 news has made me very happy, and I'm actually loving Mercy's new look.

6. Christmas gnomes
At work, we had a lot of Christmas gnomes and I ended up buying two because I love how stupidly cute they are.

7. Paying off debt
I'm still in debt by the time this post comes out, but I'll be less in debt than I was. Hopefully I'll have knocked one or two more debts out.

8. Fuzzy socks
Weird one, I know, but I love a good pair of cozy fuzzy socks.

9. My new fur comforter
Don't worry, it's not real fur, but the comforter is heavy and it's white underneath so I can use it as a background for some blog photos

10. My updated bag collection
I've added at least six bags to my bag collection since my bag collection video came out, and I'm definitely going to make an updated one at some point.

What's been making you happy recently?

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