Five Zombie Apocalypse Essentials & Two Outfits

by - Tuesday, January 14, 2020

If you're a gamer like me, you'll probably have played a few zombie games in your life, and you'll have decided what you're gonna wear. The problem is "what am I going to wear for the zombie apocalypse?". I have five essentials and two outfits that I have prepared just in case...

Leather jacket
Leather jackets are awesome to wear in the zombie apocalypse for two reasons:
1. They make you look like a total badass
2. Leather is hard to bite through, so it'll also prevent zombie bites.

Flannel shirt
I chose this purely for the spring/summer depending on where you live, but you can also wear this for all seasons, plus having a red shirt like mine can hide any signs of blood.

Sports bra
This nifty little clothing item can serve as a top and to secure your hoo has.

I find leggings more comfortable than jeans, and with leggings, I find that they allow for more range of movement, which is essential in an emergency.

Combat boots
Combat boots are versatile-they can be worn at all times of year, and they're also protective.

Now for the outfits...

Two versions of the hooded leather jacket.

How would you dress during a zombie apocalypse?

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