The Pretty Yet Practical Purchases

by - Thursday, January 16, 2020

There are some purchases that I've made that I consider pretty, yet practical and here they are...

Nine West Satchel Bag
My Nine West satchel bag is one of the prettiest bags I've purchased. It's a dusty rose color and its size makes it a pretty good everyday office bag. 

Floral Water Bottle
This striped floral water bottle combines two of my favorite things-stripes and flowers-and it also keeps my water at a cool temperature and also keeps hot drinks hot. 

Iridescent brush holder
I use this brush holder to hold my taller lipglosses and eye makeup brushes and it's served me well both as a brush holder and as a photo prop. 

Target notebooks
These two notebooks from Target are pretty and practical and I've been using one to keep track of my finances and plan to use both notebooks photographed as planners

Steve Madden backpack
This backpack is small but roomy-a perfect travel companion or just for everyday use. It's also a blush pink, my favorite color

Guess Combat Boots
These are the perfect combo of practical and pretty-they look pretty with the gold logo on them, and they're made of leather or a leatherlike material, making them perfect for everyday wear.

What are your pretty & practical purchases?

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  1. There's nothing wrong with 'petty' purchases - they're all cute! You can never go wrong with notebooks from Target! I really love the combat boots! I still need some of my own. Honestly, most of my purchases are petty @__@!

    Nancy ♥